Or head in the opposite direction past Hana and go to Ohe'o Gulch (Mile Marker 42 on Hwy 31), part of Haleakala National Park. This is where you'll find some kick-ass seascapes, specifically, a stunning chain of pools and waterfalls that starts miles up the mountain and cascade into the deep-blue ocean. The gulch is also vexingly known by the more marketing-savvy name of the Seven Sacred Pools, though they are neither seven nor holy. Depending on how rainy it's been, the pools may be non-existent, but more frequently they offer a flow of water making the lower pools ideal for swimming. If it is raining, beware of flash floods, and also keep watch for crazy cliff jumpers. The pools are a popular place so try to get there early if you wish to avoid the crowds. Also, the park requires a $10 entry fee, but that gets you into the pools along with trails such as Pipiwai Trail, which takes you through jungle, a bamboo forest and ultimately to the 400-feet high Waimoku Falls. The entry pass is good for three days and also gives you access to the Haleakala crater summit off Hwy 37.

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