January 3, 2012 | By Vivian Song, MSN Travel
Travel trends: 2012's hottest destinations


Ghana - 2012's hottest travel destinations
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It's been described as 'Africa for beginners.' As one of the more developed nations in Africa, Ghana is the ideal gateway to the continent for intrepid but, perhaps, apprehensive travellers looking for a soft introduction. In 2012, Ghana is predicted to become increasingly popular given that the country offers visitors a microcosmic taste of the continent in a politically stable, economic prosperous environment -- all in English to boot (English is the country's official language). For an authentic Ghanian experience, be sure to attend one of the country's many festivals, flamboyant, colourful displays of pageantry that showcase their love of song and dancing. Wildlife watching is also plentiful at Mole National Park, home to elephants, crocodiles and antelopes. For the artisan traveller, the country is also renown for its mastery of traditional crafts like pottery, woodcarving and textiles, which are clustered in a string of villages north of Kumasi. And with miles of coastline, Ghana also offers travellers a beach holiday, around Busua, Elmina and Ada.

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