April 10, 2012 | By Annette McLeod, MSN Travel
Top 10 real-life romantic spots

Real-life places where real love bloomed.

Real-life places where real love bloomed. (© iStock)
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It's easy to have a great romance if you've got screenwriters and directors telling you what to do, or if you're under the control of some puppet-master of a novelist. It's a lot harder when you're faced with the messy realities of, well, reality. But these couples managed to pull it off. Not that they all lived happier ever after — heaven knows a good romance can sometimes get even more romantic if there's a little tragedy involved — but they sure did manage to stoke those fires for a while!

Starting in the almost-present and working our way back, here's our travelling show of the world's top 10 real-life romances.

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