October 2, 2012 | By Adam Bisby, MSN Travel
The world's most affectionate places

These cities are full of smooch-worthy opportunities, so grab someone special and get going.

Couple kissing beneath the Eiffel Tower. (© Aleksandar Nakic/istock.com)
  • Couple kissing beneath the Eiffel Tower. (© Aleksandar Nakic/istock.com)
  • Love is in the air in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (© Dado Galdieri/AP)
  • Alfred Eisenstaedt's iconic kiss photo. (© Pat Sullivan/AP)
  • Dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina (© Natacha Pisarenko/AP)
  • Pressing together noses and foreheads in Maori tradtion. (© Simon Runting/Rex Features)
  • Hawaii is the world's most popular honeymoon destination. (© This Marvelous Life/Flickr)
  • Naples: The birthplace of pizza, the espresso machine and kissing? (© Stuck in Customs/Flickr)
  • 'Opa!' is Greece's trademark expression for a reason. (© The Travel Library/Rex Features)
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"When in Rome," the old saying goes, "do as the Romans do." In the 10 vacation destinations that follow, this ancient adage promotes public displays of affection with that special someone you brought along (or maybe just met). These are places where handshakes are eschewed in favour of hugs and kisses, and where wild nightlife, ravishing scenery, outrageous parades and feisty festivals fuel a PDA-friendly atmosphere of uninhibited romance. In short, if you want to add some passion to your next getaway, it may be as simple as showing up.

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