People love to look at beautiful people. That's just an empirical fact.

For example: Anaximander the Greek (c. 610 BC - c. 546 BC) was a superstar in astronomy, physics, philosophy, geometry, geography, and politics. He was among the first thinkers who bothered to write things down. And on the back of one of his insightful scraps of papyrus, scholars found this list: 'Alexandria, Thebes, Carthage, Sparta, Babylon, Troy, Aswan, Hili, Byblos, and Amuq.'

This list of ancient cities is the first time anyone wrote down the top 10 places to find hot babes. So apparently Anaximander was a pioneer of the pants as well. Here is an updated list. Trust me, it's overdue. There are no pretty ladies in Carthage anymore.

Granted, it's a subjective list, because there are hot women in every city on the planet. But some cities rank consistently higher than others. So, as a public service, here are 10 cities with the world's most smoking hot women.

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