Here's an innovative solution to an HR problem. According to a 2006 story in 'The Guardian', no-frills airline easyJet took to the mic to recruit their cabin crew when the rapidly expanding company became plagued with chronic understaffing and cancelled flights.

In addition to the requisite onboard safety announcements, the story says that the cabin crew was also instructed to invite passengers to apply for jobs as flight attendants.

A spokeswoman for easyJet told the paper: "It is just a new way of recruiting staff. We are a low-cost airline - it saves money on advertising."

Other requirements include:

  • Age 18+
  • Height: 5'2" with weight "in proportion to height"
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • Able to swim 25 m and tread water for at least one minute
  • Right to live and work in the UK without restriction
  • No visible tattoos or body piercing
  • A verifiable 5-year history

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