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Nude bathing has come a long way. No longer the domain of an exclusive clique, many people are now turning to skinny dipping to add a fresh experience to their beach holiday - even if they wouldn't necessarily classify themselves as naturists.

In the 1970s, for example, Spain didn't allow any beach nudity. Now it is so commonplace you only have to find a quiet bit of coast and there will probably be bare bodies happily enjoying the sea and sun. Even some busy cities such as Barcelona regard beach nudity as little more than a personal preference - and certainly no longer a public nuisance.

"I've been struck by how much beaches are shared these days, with both naked and clothed holidaymakers alike unconcerned about the need for segregated facilities," explains Nick Mayhew-Smith, publisher of The World's Best Nude Beaches and Resorts. "Nudity is just an alternative form of swimwear to many people, and I think both those who bare and those who cover up realize there are more important things to worry about in life."

From exotic island beaches to local stretches of sand, we have them all covered. So slip on your birthday suit, haul out the sunscreen and click on through for the best beaches in the world to get that perfect all-body tan.

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