Doo Town, Tasmania (Adrian Greig)

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When visitors travel to Doo Town in the Australian island-state of Tasmania, any doubts about the town's fondness for its name will be put to rest. Residents have kept the "Doo" theme in naming their cottages or shacks, as they are called in Tasmania. The town apparently began its cute tradition back in 1935 when architect Eric Round placed the "Doo I 99" (later changed to "Xanadoo") sign on his shack. It caught on with other residents and most of the 28 cottages today have such "Doo" names as Doodle Doo, Love Me Doo, Doo Me, Doo Us, Wee Doo, Doo Little, She'll Doo, Humpty Doo and Rum Doo. Only one rebel house named itself Medhurst. Doo Town, overlooking the southern part of Pirates Bay, offers great Kodak moments to hike and explore the coastline with its natural rock formations. As Doo Town residents would say, if you like the quirky off the beaten path, doo visit.

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