It's a city that hosts every aspect of humanity. Some of the world's most impoverished women and children live in slums and shantytowns next to the glitziest, richest and most beautiful people in India. Nearly 14 million people live in this city of grit (think Slumdog Millionaire) and glamour (Bollywood is the largest moviemaking industry in the world). No one takes it personally when people push and shove past each other, jostling to get to their end destination. After a Reader's Digest feature named Mumbai the rudest city in the world in 2006, an editorial in The Times of India acquiesced, chastising the city for boorish behaviour, sticking gum on vacant seats and spitting at pedestrians from running buses. But in a city where the streets have no name, where survival is the name of the game every day, it's completely forgivable that civilities fall by the wayside.

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