There's no pit-stops in this race // Outhouse Races, Conconully, Washington (Lee Church)

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There's no pit-stops in this race

No, your eyes do not deceive you, you read correctly.
For 27 years, the residents of Conconully, WA -- population 185 -- have made a sport out of racing outhouses to wile away the long winter months in January. The rules of the game are strict and explicit: The outhouse must have three wooden sides, a roof and be equipped with a toilet seat and toilet paper -- on a hanger. Motorized or steering devices are banned, and must be manned by three people: two pushers and one rider. While Trenary, Michigan puts on an admittedly bigger outhouse race, we laud the folks in this town for being the original outhouse racing host with 10 years over their Michigan cousins, and for flushing the competition with team names like "Butt Hutt."

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