Machu Picchu(iStock)

Machu Picchu: The most beautiful ruins on earth

What painting could conceivably be called the world's loveliest? Which mountain, gem, city... or woman or man? We've certainly set ourselves a tantalising challenge: to whittle down the innumerable things to see on your travels to the 50 most beautiful.

We concede we may be being a little presumptuous. MSN Travel might employ writers who have seen, if not it all, then most of it, and we might have called upon generations of surveys, polls, art historians, wordsmiths and overly opinionated know-it-alls to compile our list. But, even so, who are we to play God when it comes to locating the loveliest things of all?

So, when you've clicked through our collection, we'd love to hear whether we've got it right or whether you'd nominate something far more beautiful: a particular sunset you saw, never to be repeated? A rare-model Ferrari? Or perhaps just your mom.

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