Roselawn, Indiana

While little girls the world over watch pageants with wide-eyed admiration for these peace-on-earth loving role models, this ain't your mama's beauty contest.
Bits and bobs dangle everywhere the eye can see at this naked beauty pageant where, let's face it, no one's looking at the contestant's smile.
The odd girl will throw on a boa -- perhaps to cover up when there's a chill in the air -- but safe for the tats and accessories that's all that's worn.
The annual pageant is held every July at the Ponderosa Sun Club, a nudist resort in Roselawn, Ind., and has been attended by such luminaries as David Faustino, also known as Bud Bundy from Married with Children, Kid Rock and Gene Simmons.
The girls compete for such illustrious titles as Miss Nude Galaxy and Most Beautiful Natural Body -- because shock of all shocks, not everything on display at this beauty pageant is God-given.
There's also something for the gals with Mr. Nude Entertainer and Mr. Nude North America.

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