January 22, 2012 | By Jason Buckland, MSN Travel
How to maximize rewards points

Double dip

Double dip (© iStock)
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If the previous slide didn't sell you on carrying multiple rewards cards, perhaps this one will. Sojka points out that the most efficient way to maximize travel points is by performing the "double dip," that lucrative, if elusive, consumer strategy. The double dip is the practice of achieving twice the rewards miles on one purchase. So, if you're buying groceries, for example, pay for your food and drink with a credit card that offers rewards points, but also swipe an Air Miles or Aeroplan card during the same transaction, a method many retailers accept. Rarer is the "triple dip," which happens when airlines or hotels offer extra miles for booking online. So, the triple dip in that case would be the miles or points earned by buying online, the miles or points earned by using your credit card as well as the miles or points earned when you take the actual flight or stay in your hotel.

* Bing: Should you ever pay an annual fee for a credit card?

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