February 23, 2012 | By Adam Bisby, MSN Travel
10 top places to try something new

7. Paint in Florence, Italy

7. Paint in Florence, Italy (© tirc83/iStock)
  • Fun travel courses (© David Freund/iStock)
  • 10. Tango in Buenos Aires (© Jeff McIntosh/CP)
  • 9. Cooking in Paris (© Tavallai/Flickr)
  • 8. Sip wine in the Okanagan, B.C. (© Elaine Thompson/AP)
  • 7. Paint in Florence, Italy (© tirc83/iStock)
  • 6. Snap photos in Yosemite National Park, Calif. (© Dustin Nelson photo)
  • 5. Surf in Costa Rica (© David Freund/iStock)
  • 4. Ski at Mont Tremblant, Que. (© omgimages/iStock)
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Michelangelo, Donatello, da Vinci — the hometown of some of history's greatest painters lures thousands of aspiring visual artists (pictured) each year with its glorious churches, palaces, squares and the medieval Ponte Vecchio bridge. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Tuscan capital caters to this crowd with a host of art schools for professionals, amateurs — and even those of us who can't get past stick figures. For the latter, the Accademia d'Arte AD'A offers an "ancient techniques" basic painting course that can last up to four weeks ($500) and covers renaissance techniques using egg tempera, gold leaf and oil paints.

* Video: Eye to eye with Florence's frescoes

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