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Autumn on the Connecticut River with the swallows
Autumn on the Connecticut River with the swallows

ON THE LOWER CONNECTICUT RIVER, Conn. - The first swallows appear at sunset, inky flecks in a dusky pink sky. A cloud of birds forms, then another and another. Soon the entire sky is teeming with tree swallows — hundreds of thousands of them — swooping and swirling and shimmying in a dazzling aerial ballet that paints the sky black.

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    Valle de Uco is emerging as Argentina’s premier grape-growing region with vineyards that offer winemaking workshops, horseback treks and more.

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    Six of the city’s tastemakers share a few of their favourite things, from a jewel of a hotel to an art deco antique jeweller.

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    The bohemian outpost on the tip of the Riveria Maya is branching out with eco-chic resorts — floral numerologists and crystal therapists included.

  • The Great Canadian Safari

    One family’s search for Canada’s Big Five animals leads them to the lost subcontinent of Beringia, where buffalo still roam.

  • Rock the Boat

    Four houseboat stays that are making waves.

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